Royal visit in October

Queen Margrethe II visiting Split and Croatia

21. October 2014. - 23. October 2014.


The following month, Split has the rare opportunity to host a European royal visit.
As part of the State visit to Croatia coming Danish Queen Margrethe II to Split where they must be present to sign two very important and valuable documents.
It will be the culmination of the efforts of the Croatian and the Danish Ministry of Culture and will cover a cooperation agreement on research of underwater archeology and a project of digitization of records in Split's conservation department.
In Split are the Croatians but also for Danes a valuable archive bequeathed to Split a large Danish architect and archaeologist Einar Dyggve that has almost obsessed researched Split, Solin and Dalmatia from the twenties to late fifties. But one can say for sure that he has left his heart in Solin.
A visit where Queen Margrethe will presented Dyggves opus for the public, also the importance to confirm the old friendship between the city of Split and Denmark.