Days of Truffles - Istria

06. September 2014. - 30. November 2014.


No gourmet in the world is worthy of the name if they never wanted to taste truffles, gastronomic crown jewel of Istria. Truffles, mushrooms that grow underground, are a trademark of Istria, and Istrians show their gratitude by strictly guarding the recipes indigenous to their peninsula. The chance to encounter today the richness of truffles in every possible combination of flavours provided on Truffle Days enriches Subotina - an event that successfully transports us to the time and atmosphere in which the old people from Buzet lived and worked. On that day, the streets are filled with the aromas and sounds of tradition, and the citizens of Buzet are dressed in their original folk costumes, peasant and urban clothes from the late 19th century. In summary, the entire Old Town becomes a museum of customs and traditional crafts, games, musicians and traditional food.