About Us

SCANDI REJSER is a Danish travel agent who works hard to ensure our customers the best deals and provide the best customer service and ease of use on our website.

Our mission is a provision in SCANDI REJSER products and services in accordance with the requirements of each customer by delivering the best quality and prices and provide high quality service by running a modern and responsible company and individual approach to customers and business partners - as a result of constant reserch of the Danish and global markets and trends in tourism and travel industry.

SCANDI REJSER offers the following benefits:

- Accommodation - Apart from being "specialized" in private accommodation (villas, houses, apartments, rooms), we provide a wide selection of all types of accommodations (hotels, resorts, camps; Agro Tourism; ROBINSON TOURISM) - including various categories facilities and prices.

- TRANSPORTATION - On the highest level, and at great prices, we provide various transportation services: TRANSFERS (transfer by car, transfer by van, transfer by mini bus, transfer at BUS); RENTAL OF all types of vehicles (RENT-A-CAR , RENT-A-VAN, RENT-A-BUS), RENTAL OF MARINE VEHICLES (RENT-A-boat CHARTER); And tickets (flights and ferry tickets). We provide a variety of individual and group transfers of any kind on the territory of Croatia, with professional drivers, modern vehicles. We offer the largest and most divers range of vehicles and marine vehicles for hire. We also provide air flight tickets to any world destination by different airlines and also provide very attractive fast ferry tickets - to destinations in Croatia and Italy!

- EXCURSIONS - because of our great tours' offer you can visit the most beautiful Croatian national parks, most historic Dalmatian cities, experience aboundance of advantures in the most attractive places in Dalmatia and Croatia, including the experience of the authentic atmosphere - all tours are accompanied by professional tour guides. Apart from the regular tours, we are also able to arrange excursions on request - especially for groups we arrange tours on request, and for individual guests sightseeing tours also accompanied by a professional travel guide.

- Other services - To provide all services necessary for your trip or stay, We can supply many other products and services to you: angling LICENCES OFFER ON REQUEST INFORMATION ...

There are no fancy catalogs and no animal sales offices, we sell exclusively through Internet and telephone. In this way we keep costs to a minimum and can therefore offer attractive accommodations at the best prices.

Therefore, like at your disposal!